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Smart Cities is a fair choice for Smart Cities Projects initiated by municipalities and enterprises locally and on a global scale. This is how we found Smart Business Consulting. We provide advice from conceptualizing your ideas to turning them into reality. Our strengths are our multidisciplinary approach and a sound knowledge of project financing-especially regarding SME and municipalities. We create a transparent basis of decisionmaking to ensure you can plan, develop and finalize your projects successfully. And we will implement your ideas.

In a smart city processes mesh, activities between people, economies and administration need to be converged. Doing so saves resources, drives economic growth, and evolves living standards. Acting sustainably and responsibly will also have a positive effect on a city’s surrounding environment. The basis of these processes is a smart administration which guarantees innovation in the fields of structure/energy, mobility/transport and provision/recycling. A working communication – through ICT (information and communication technology) – is the glue between these fields.

Are you a SME, start-up or industrial enterprise and have the same aims as we do?

  • saving energy
  • promoting sustainable energy sources
  • creating a network with other interested parties
  • popularizing public transport
  • creating new attractive jobs and encouraging new fields for education and training
  • condition other companies and municipalities regarding resources, climate and economy

Our industries are strongly connected to each other:

Target Sectors

Energy // Fundings and European initiatives // Health // Agriculture //Mobility // Production // Waste management and recycling // Technology // Tourism // Water

Concept of our value chain:

We as a consulting company are the first contact in the developing phase of your Smart Cities project. We accompany the realization of your project at every step of the way – from its definition to its goals; its funding until its successful finalization; its transition to everyday life in a new and smarter city. We advise organizations on developing a strategy to realize it‘s project financing (e.g. co-financing through EU funding). Relying on real data gathered through opinion polls guarantees a match with demographic reality. This is our concept how we can make a step towards a sustainable future.

Smart Cities Consulting as a bridgehead stands  for guidance, sustainability and implementation for consultants. We know that each project is different and that’s why we analyse your individual wishes at a first step. A holistic and multi-disciplinary approach is very important to us. Including all stakeholders and residents from the beginning of each project is especially important to us. To truly consider all involved attitudes, expectations, hopes and fears, we work relying on scientific data – qualitative and quantitative surveys in all project phases in order to guarantee success.


>Phase 1: Research and addressing

  • We look for SME which could cooperate with each other. Especially technical enterprises have workshops and laboratories which they often do not use exhaustively.
  • We create the access to your financiation including European Funding Grant Schemes, Business Angels and other funds.
  • A profil-analysis leads to a first evaluation and offering.
  • We know that each mission is different – that’s why we do one to one communication and anaylse carefully our target group.
  • An exemplary business case shows you the different options and solutions. The alignment of the offering and the demand profile build a value chain.
  • The work relying on scientific data, qualitative and quantitative surveys guarantees the balancing to the demographic reality.
  • Workshops and cooperations with different enterprises create a contact-exchange about the onwarding development.
  • Turnkey solution.

>Phase 2: Conception of the project and committing

  • Your demand and our offer will be rechecked.
  • Licence agreements and other cooperations will be entered.
  • Newsletter answer your questions.
  • Editors do your (Social) Media coverage.
  • Service of administration.
  • We organise for you an external controlling- and monitoring-team, notaries, lawyers, accountants, assurances etc. and promote the cooperations.
  • Workshops create value chains.

>Phase 3: Mission abroad!

  • Accompaniment of the definition of your project at every step of the way until its goals
  • Internationales Marketing and dissemination for SME.
  • Transition of the project to everyday life in a new and smarter city.
  • Für Ihr Projekt relevante Kontakte helfen Ihnen auch zukünftig.
  • The local business will be promoted.

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