Fi-Ware and the Internet of Things


Vienna hosts the open source project Fi-Ware from 26th to 29th of May. The Workshop is an important initiative for the Digital Agenda of the European Commission. 80 million Euros are available for a funding to SMEs.

What is Fi-Ware? 

The name Fi-Ware describes the processing of data of the “internet of things”, which means office and building control, IT-innovation, production facilities, telemedicine and smart cities. In several workshops projects of this section are introduced and – with a little dose of luck –  implemented by SMEs and startups. The EU-Commission made available 80 million euros for fundings for SMEs – every idea can achieve up to 250,000 euros. The events are taking place all over the world but with a focus on Europe: In Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany and now in Vienna. In the Netherlands there is already a special Lab, in which five companies are doing researches on new projects.

FIWARE Wien - Credits: DM
FIWARE in Vienna – (c) DM

Ideas get exchanged and accumulated in the cloud, to create a european ecosystem, in which new chances of the internet of things can be developed and made useful. Startups are supposed to work together to create a counterbalance to competition from Asia or the US.



Smart Cities Consulting talked to Peter Tschuchnig from INiTS (Innovation into Business), a company which supports new businesses in Vienna and constitutes the Austrian Hub for Fi-Ware.

Subtitles available
The participants not only hope to get financial and technical support but also to connect with other entrepreneurs. SCC talked to Agnes Fernandes, who is working for Imagicom Productions and developed the  service app “Welcome to Europe” , which is supposed to better connect tourists:

The company already received funding by the EU but is also getting help marketing wise. Fi-Ware constitutes the exchange platform:

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