IT flashmob in Vienna

Technology arranged a flashmob on the 16th of September in the Austrian capital Vienna with nearly 1.000 employees. They looked for additional opportunities to raise awareness about their work: IT. This branche is the third biggest in Europe. 

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There were 2,000 employees who registered for the flashmob: On that day half of them were wearing yellow T-shirts to send a signal. In front of the big dome in the middle of the city all these people formed a big “I IT”-sign. The organizer was very happy that so many employees joined: “Nobody expected so many participants, thanks to all the people who helped to make this possible.” One of the 5.700 employees in the Viennese IT-branche says: “We really like that we have the opportunity to get to know each other. Here we can come together, put down a marker and raise awareness that we exist and produce necessary things for other people.” Another one smiles: “It affected me emotionally being part of something big. Everybody had the same role at that moment and had the same importance – CEOs as well as volunteers.”

Afterwards in the city hall everbody came together and spoke about “raising awareness” and “future plans”. There are 54.000 jobs in the IT-branche, that’s why it is very important to motivate the younger people – and especially the females, explains Ulrike Huemer, CIO of Vienna. Mayoral Michael Häupl supports that: “The people of the smartphone-generation are the future employees. We need no longer smoking chimneys – we need smoking brains.” He wants Vienna to play a leading role with successful projects and innovations in this field. After these words he accepted the “Mission Statement” of the ICT-economy.

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