Horizon 2020: New funding for enterprises


The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation is called Horizon 2020. Now there is nearly 80 billion Euros for funding available. The focus lies on practical concepts.

The programm Horizon 2020 describes the consolidation of the three fundings RP7, CIP and EIT. Until 2020 companies that want to secure Europe’s global competitiveness, including smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs can get a funding. In the budget are nearly 80 billion Euros – the exact number is not negotiated so far.

We know that especially for SME it is hard to orientate themselves with all the funding programms. They don’t have enough resources and competences to get a successful involvement and to be competitive on the evolving market. Finding sustainable solutions is not often easy. Besides, the SME have to share resources and competences with smaller cities – that implicates, that also for them it is hard to get an access to the fundings.

We, Smart Cities Consulting, want to help other enterprises, especially regarding smaller cities and municipalities, to get the access to those fundings. We want to help projects on a global scale. We link between you and the EU-funding so that you can plan, develope and finalize your project succesfully.

We accompany the realization of your project at every step – that’s why we created for your membership three phases to get an easy access and to prepare for your participation professionally.

For every enterprise we will create a profile to align funding-recommendations and training-measures accurately. The first phase includes individual newsletters for European programs as well as up to five workshops per year. It is our goal to give you the necessary know-how and to connect you with other companies along the value chain.

The second phase includes additionally an individual support strategy for  twelve months. Your connection to other companies will be based on this strategy.

The third phase includes the endorsement of your company and your projects on the Smart Cities Consulting online page as well as professional press work for your projects.

Did we awake your interest? For questions or offer-details do not hesitate to contact us!

Via e-Mail at office@smartcitiesconsulting.eu.

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