What we do

Smart Cities Consulting is your first partner for Smart Cities projects on a global scale. We provide advice from conceptualizing your ideas to turning them into reality. Our strengths are our multidisciplinary approach and a sound knowledge of project financing-especially regarding smaller cities and municipalities. We link companies, municipalities and projects to develop and finalize your projects successfully.

In a “smart” city processes mesh, activities between people, economies and administration need to be converged. That saves resources, drives economic growth, and evolves living standards. Acting sustainably and responsibly will also have a positive effect on a city’s surrounding environment. The basis of these processes is a smart administration which guarantees innovation in the fields of energy, health, recycling, mobility, production and technology. A working communication – through ICT (information and communication technology) – is the glue between these fields.

We advise companies and municipalities on projects that focus on:

  • saving energy
  • promoting sustainable energy sources
  • popularizing public transport
  • creating new attractive jobs and encouraging new fields for education and training

Relying on real data gathered through opinion polls guarantees a match with demographic reality. We advise organizations on developing a strategy to realizing it‘s project financing, e.g. co-financing through EU funding.

We accompany the realization of your project at every step of the way – from its definition to its goals, its funding until its successful finalization, its transition to everyday life in a new and smarter city. Including all stakeholders and residents from the beginning of each project is important to us. To truly consider all involved attitudes, expectations, hopes and fears, we work relying on scientific data – qualitative and quantitative surveys in all project phases in order to guarantee success.