Smart Cities Consulting is back with fresh content – stay tuned!


After a little break of not posting updates, Smart Cities Consulting is back – with new, fresh and “sustainable” energy. 

What is different?

We will stretch our definition of “Smart Cities” a bit wider, since we want to put more focus on sustainable business locations. We will give you more tools in our categories “mobility”, “infrastructure/Urban planning” and “energy”. And we will network with and for you to create a  better added value.

What stays the same?

“Smart Cities Consulting” is still a coherent magazine for actors and population. We will keep our main task: connecting cities and companies. We still advise everybody to join us, our community and our ideas. Sharing is caring.

Our vision

On My Climate Service“, our new partner magazine, we work on several projects in Europe right now. You can see the climate change at four exemplary places. And they are not indivudual cases – these are scenarios that happen everywhere. We develop measures, how to adapt to these climate changes and their effects so that you can also transfer them to other places in this world. Community-building is a keyword in this process. With our know-how you also can strengthen and encourage your city or company, interfere and adapt betimes. The goals we are focussing on are the ones that coincide with the “Sustainable Development Goals” of the UN:

  • Innovation and Infrastructure

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Good jobs and economical prosperity

  • partners to reach goals

  • responsible consume

As you can see, it will be an exciting phase – so stay tuned. Only together we can make the necessary adaptations to climate change.

The editorial team

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