Vertical manufacturing stands for future


City and landscape are blocked with houses and factories. There is not enough space to expand manufactories when there are surrounding houses. The solution is to expand in the altitude and produce vertically.

Structuring its value chain is essencial for every good producer. In Vienna, the traditional Austrian sweets manufacturer Manner shows that this concept works. Every year there are built more and more houses, streets and business parks. This causes a problem for companies that want to expand and to improve their production process. Through vertical integration, manufacturers can extend their reach, and profits, within the optimized value chain. This means that companies produce the most they can themselves i.e. packaging. They don’t have to buy it from other suppliers. Although management and marketing play a major role in the company’s success, manufacturing strategies are very important to be competitive in the market.

CEO Carl Manner (c) Hannes Swoboda

The Austrian company Manner produces the famous Neapolitan wafers since 1898. The corporation Josef Manner & Comp AG also produces a wider assortment of confectionery products. Situated in the 17th district in Vienna, they had to prove that they can work innovative and solution-oriented so that they did not have to give up their central location. The alteration costed 30 million Euros. Through this new project there accrued a new model of local amenities and dynamic.